Bass Trombone Valves

Bass Trombone Valves

The Edwards B454-E is an independent double bass axial flow valve system. Valves are pitched in F and Gb (combined to produce D). The independent setup gives players additional positions with which to work. With the open wrap design, the B454-E has a very open feel. These valves are very dependable and maintain the same sound on F, Gb/D, and Bb sides.

The B454-DE is a dependent double bass axial flow valve system. The second valve (D) will only work when the thumb trigger (F) is depressed. There is a more open feel with the dependent configuration as the second valve does not interrupt the airflow on the open side of the trombone. This combination results in the most free-blowing bass trombone made today. The B454-DE is no longer in production.

The B454-V-E is the ideal instrument for bass trombonists in need of options. The configurable second valve tuning allows players to change easily between Gb/D, G/Eb, and Blair Bollinger’s brand of tuning (designated “BB”) without costly conversions.

The B454-CR-E is an independent tuning system that utilizes the Power Bore Conventional Rotors. This instrument provides an increase in compression without the usual increase in price. The B454-CR-E valves are pitched in F and Gb (combined to produce D). Designed in-house to work in unison with the traditional modularity of Edwards, these valves have received great responses from anyone testing them in Elkhorn or around the world in performance halls.

The B502 Bass Trombones utilize our newest development, the Artist Rotor (AR). The AR was developed with James Markey and Gerry Pagano. We explored every facet of manufacturing and materials to bring you these valves, from scalloping the Harmonic Brace in order to remove weight to utilizing exotic materials for bearing plates. The B502 comes fixed with either a yellow or rose bell. The tuning standard is Bb/F/Gb(D). Other tunings are available upon request.

Your Edwards Axial Flow Valves will provide you with a lifetime of use if properly maintained. Valves are nickel-plated and will not oxidize. Maintenance is also easily done. For best results, use only Edwards oils. For tools, lubricants, and any miscellaneous items, contact Edwards. Please visit our trombone maintenance page for more information and detailed instructions.


$3,410 (Harmonic Braced Axials) $3,155 (Axials) $2,465 (Power Bore Rotors)


3-4 months

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