Trumpet History

Edwards Instrument Co. first began designing trumpets in 1994 and in 1998 established the first generation of Edwards Trumpets. The Generation I Bb/C Trumpets were constructed as interchangeable instruments. Since 1998, improvements in design led to the introduction of the Generation II Bb/C Trumpets. These trumpets offered an integral leadpipe design as well as one-piece hand-hammered bells. This leadpipe design offered a more efficient way of changing leadpipes and created a perfect alignment from the end of the leadpipe to the beginning of the tuning slide tube.

In the Fall of 2000, Edwards introduced the Generation III and X Bb/C Trumpets. Still sticking with the interchangeable system, these instruments were designed to create an extremely stable, rich tone. The Generation X models offered all the flexibility of the Generation II and III models but gave a new look to the ovate and heavy craze that was sweeping the trumpet world.

After decades of fitting trumpet players from around the world and perfecting modular setups, it was time for the Edwards trumpets to evolve. In 2015,  the design team began working on a new line of trumpets. The team worked countless hours with artists from around the world and began producing the X-Series. The X-Series was the culmination of everything we had learned about trumpets and flugelhorns over the years. The goal was to be able to put the best of Edwards trumpets in the hands of everyone and give them the Edwards experience anywhere in the world.

Edwards has been and will always be a place for players to come and get fitted to an instrument. With the move towards non-modular trumpets, the fear will be “How can I get a custom trumpet?”. Rest easy knowing the Edwards team has put in the time to give you different options with every model that will fit everyone’s needs as a player. We wish everyone could experience the Edwards fitting process but we know it is not always possible. We are here to help you find the right tool. If you have any questions, call us. We’re all friendly around here.