Our Story

The Edwards Instrument Company was established in 1989 to meet the needs of professional musicians who have very specific ideas about how their instruments should sound and feel.

Our History and Getzen

Getzen Instrument Co. is our parent company.

There are two companies under the Getzen umbrella: Getzen Company, Inc. and Edwards Instrument Co. The Edwards production team is located in the Getzen facility.

Within the Getzen factory, a select group of the most experienced/skilled craftsmen are tasked with the production of Edwards instruments. Many of these individuals have worked for several years, refining their craft in order to reach the skill level necessary to build such world-class instruments.

Materials used in the Getzen line are the same exact quality materials that Edwards uses.

In 1989, Allied Music begins production of the first Edwards Trombones.

The Getzen Company, under the direction of Charles Andrews, declares bankruptcy in 1991. Shortly thereafter, Allied Music Corporation, owned and operated by the grandsons of the Getzen Company’s founder, purchases the assets of the Getzen Company out of Federal Bankruptcy Court.

The employees and equipment from the Getzen Company are immediately moved to Allied Music’s facilities on Highway H. Following the move, the Getzen Company is made the parent manufacturing company and Edwards Instrument/Allied Music is named a wholly owned subsidiary.

After years of expansion, Edwards outgrows its corner of the Getzen factory. The Edwards play-testing and sales facilities are moved to their own building in 2000 while the production of Edwards instruments remains in the Getzen facility.

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