Adam Rainey Visits Edwards

Last week Adam Rainey visited for his yearly check-up on his B502-I. Many working musicians come in for their annual health check on their instruments to ensure the components they’ve chosen are still the best.

Everything was great, and we decided to take advantage of our time together to discuss a few things on camera. Excuse the room lighting we’re working on the setup and it will get better.

Our goal is to create videos that are informative and helpful to younger musicians who are striving to enter the workforce and make a paycheck in this industry. Some of the topics include diversification, and how it works for musicians. Financial decisions and how they can become financial regrets. Bribery never works (or at least not yet…). Oh, and there are some great tips on how to really improve your playing without breaking the bank. Pro tip: it involves your ears.

Enjoy the video and let us know how we can improve and what topics you want us to cover in future interviews or random rants.

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