Wycliffe in Elkhorn

Christan Griego and Wycliffe Gordon

There are many perks to working at Edwards, but my favorite is having the chance to work with our artists when they visit us in-house. This past Tuesday afternoon, one of my personal heroes of trombone — Wycliffe Gordon — came to the Pro Stop to get fitted to a new large-bore tenor. After a brief discussion about what he had in mind, we went to work. The final result was an orchestral sound with Wycliffe’s personality all over it. His new setup is as follows:

321CF bell (silver-plated)
Yellow brass dual radius tuning slide
T-BCN slide
T1 brass leadpipe

I am a firm believer that an instrument is only 5% of the playing equation, but once you unlock that 5%, the other 95% comes through so much clearer. It was a pleasure to hear Wycliffe in person, and I highly recommend checking him out on tour. It will reinforce your love of not only the trombone but also spontaneous creativity.

Before leaving, Wycliffe took a few minutes to sign a few of his artist posters. Since my wife will only allow me to hang one at home, I must share. Update: All posters are gone. Thank you for all the responses.