Eb Trumpet News

After coming across a post on the Trumpet Herald Forum concerning our Eb trumpet, I thought I’d break in our blog with information about this model. Edwards is making an Eb trumpet that comes standard with a choice of bell and Eb, D, & E tuning slides. This horn sells for $2150.00. Additional bells are $450.00 each.


Eb Solo Bell (copper),
Eb Orchestral Bell (Yellow Brass)

D Orchestral Bell (Yellow Brass)
D Solo Bell (Copper)

…and finally…

E Solo Bell (Copper)

The case is optional. The first production run sold out before we could get the instrument listed on our site. We are now onto our second production run; as soon as the bells/valve sections are in the final stages we will add details to our website. The Eb will also be on display at every show we attend in 2005-06.


Christan Griego