Edwards Pistons: 80 Years and Still the Best

We can all agree on one thing as trumpet players: our valves need to work. Edwards valves perform beyond expectations. If not, we will replace them for free. No questions asked.

Why would we make such a statement? It’s simple. We believe we have the best trumpet valves on the market. And we have the tests to prove it. Read this article on the Getzen Gazette to learn more about our valves.  Our process isn’t cheap or easy. In fact, it is the most involved and expensive aspect of our trumpet production.

Simply put, our brazed nickel-plated valves are harder than monel. Our pistons last a lifetime, and we have a warranty to back that. Surface tension is almost non-existent, which gives you the smooth Getzen action you know. After one million strokes, they still work, they still hold air pressure, and don’t even need oil. Is there anything else we need to say?