Trombone Leadpipes

Trombone Leadpipes

Precision drawn to exact specifications, our leadpipes surpass the industry standard. By making the leadpipes interchangeable we allow the player to tailor the instruments response and feel to the individual’s mouthpiece. Each slide comes standard with three brass leadpipes of different venturi sizes.

Edwards has led the way in leadpipe development by utilizing different materials. Using sterling silver gives players another dimension of sound and response for their trombones. Standard sterling silver leadpipes are longer than standard brass leadpipes which gives more focus and core to the sound.

For those players that want a more open feel with a wider sound we offer two custom sterling silver leadpipes (on the T350) that give a much more open feel than the brass or standard silver leadpipes. Other custom leadpipes are available (on all models) to those that come to the pro stop in Elkhorn and have their horn fit to them. Custom leadpipes can be adjusted to the player while they are in house getting their horn fit to their specifications.

Leadpipes come in three sizes. To tell which one you have, look at the nut at the top of the leadpipe. The number of grooves notes the leadpipe:

  • One Groove + Two Ridges = T1 or B1 (smallest)
  • Two Grooves + Three Ridges = T2 or B2
  • Three Grooves + Four Ridges = T3 or B3 (largest)


$135 (Brass) $310 (Sterling Silver) $335 (Custom Silver)

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