Bass Trombone Bells

Bass Trombone Bells

Edwards bass trombones are available in 9½”, 10″, and 10½” bell flares in a variety of wall thicknesses: 20 (heaviest), 21, 22, and 23 (lightest) gauges. Many jazz bass trombonists prefer lighter weight bells while orchestral bass trombonists generally play the heavier bells. The heavier bells are not as flexible in timbre but provide a very stable sound foundation. Bells are available in yellow brass (70% copper 30% zinc), rose brass (85% copper 15% zinc), and red brass (90% copper 10% zinc). Higher copper content bells generally are very dark in the soft volumes but become more brilliant in the louder volumes. Yellow brass bells are more consistent in timbre throughout all registers and dynamics.

soldered bell tends to have a very centered sound with a lot of core (fundamental). The articulations are slightly dampened and softer with the solder, while the sound is more direct and compact.

An unsoldered bell has a very wide sound with more overtones. Articulations are easier with an unsoldered rim. More near feel is apparent with these bells as the sound is wider, which helps give the player more feedback.

Tempering occurs when a bell is spun twice on a mandrel which work hardens the bell. This adds brilliance and color to the sound.

Double buffing thins the bell slightly. It actually creates a thickness in between any two gauges.

Heat treating is a baking of the entire bell. This softens the metal immensely and creates a very dark sound. This works best on heavier bells as it tends to free them up. Heat treating is not recommended on thinner bells as it makes them more prone to mute dents. The CF treatment has virtually replaced heat treating.

CF treating is a partial heat treating process. This treatment allows the bell to blow more freely and adds color to the sound.



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Popular Bass Trombone Bells

The following are our most popular bass trombone bells. All bells listed are 9½" in diameter. For information about other bells, or to special order a bell, please contact us.

Bell Gauge Alloy Heat Treated Soldered Rim Tempered Double Buffed
987CF 20 Yellow    
985CF 20 Red    
999CF 20 Yellow  
1047CF 20 Yellow    
1023CF 20 Yellow      
1021CF 20 Red      
1095CF 21 Yellow  
1149CF 21 Yellow  
1147CF 21 Red  
1143CF 21 Yellow    
1141CF 21 Red    
1179CF 22 Yellow    
J Mandrel
22 Rose    
1215CF 22 Yellow      
1213CF 22 Red      
1245CF 22 Yellow  
1243CF 22 Red  
1239CF 22 Yellow    
1317CF 23 Yellow    
1311CF 23 Yellow      
1309CF 23 Red      
1341CF 23 Yellow  
1339CF 23 Red  

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