Customer Feedback from Bill

I love receiving emails from satisfied customers.


I wanted to let you know that the Alessi T-396A I bought from you at ETW this past March is the best horn I have ever played on and I am starting to reap the benefits.

Sometimes with a purchase this large there is a fear of buyer’s remorse. Not so here, every penny is worth it!

Thanks for making such a great instrument!!

William (Bill) McDowell


Thank you for the kind email.  Can I use this on our blog?  I’d love to share….   If not I’m happy with just keeping it inside…


No problem, in addition some of those benefits were:

  • My attacks are more punctuated.
  • My legatos are a lot smoother.
  • And for reasons I can’t explain, the horn seems to know what I want it to do.

What Apple, Samsung and RIM have done for the cell phone, Edwards has done the same for the trombone, they made it better.

I just call it the smartbone.

Thanks again,


Thanks, Bill!