Superbrass CD Now Available

Superbrass has just released Under the Spell of Spain, a CD of Spanish-inspired music for brass and percussion. Roger Argente is the executive producer and also the group’s bass/contrabass trombonist. Other musicians include Mike Allen, Philip Cobb, Roby Coles, Mike Lovatt, Jim Lynch, Paul Mayes, Brian Thompson, Adam Wright, Chris Parkes, Matthew Gee, Mike Hext, Phil White, Andy Wood, Kevin Morgan, Andy Barclay, Paul Clarvis, Michael Doran, Matt Perry, Frank Riccott and Mike Smith.

We’ve heard the CD, and our unbiased, objective opinion is that you need to own it. The brass (and percussion) playing is phenomenal! Watch the video below and we’ll think you’ll agree. And be sure to follow Superbrass on Facebook.