Jason Beghtol to Premiere Work

Jason Beghtol, bass trombonist with the Tupelo Symphony and professor at Northeast Mississippi Community College, will premiere Titan’s Gaze, a concerto for bass trombone, symphonic band, and choir composed by Nathaniel Murphy. The concert is April 18, 7pm, at Northeast MS Community College.

Nathaniel recalls how the piece came about: “Jason contacted me to write a piece for him and symphonic band, and I jumped at the chance! Even in high school Jason was an incredible player, so a few years later I was ready to give him something he would enjoy playing as much as an audience would enjoy hearing… or at least that was my intention. I started the creative journey by thinking of the bass trombone as a strong instrument that commands a rich, royal presence within a concert band. I thought of it as a titan, and so my connection with Greek mythology began.”

Titan’s Gaze can purchased through Natrebo Productions. A piano reduction of the accompaniment will be available soon.