Eating Local

I recently just returned from Tuscaloosa, AL where Edwards exhibited at The Trumpet Festival of the Southeast, hosted by Eric Yates and the U of Alabama.

It was a great festival where I was able to attend an awesome performance by Phil Smith and hang with some very fine musicians. Thanks to everyone who came out and tried our trumpets!

Whenever we travel for shows and conventions we always try to eat locally. What I mean by that is to make every attempt to avoid any franchise or chain restaurant. Not only does this support more of the local economy, but the food is almost always better. Hey if we expect you to support the little guy, we need to as well.

So here is how I do it. In the past I have always asked the hotel clerk, but after some bad meals I find that they may not always have the best taste. So instead I go to Google Maps and find my hotel. Once there I use the Search Nearby. Then I proceed to type in what I am looking for. In Tuscaloosa I was looking for BBQ! Once you enter that in the closest places pop up. You can then sort by how stars the restaurants have and also read local reviews. There is a plethora of info on each place.

So where did I eat?

  • Mike & Ed’s BBQ
    No atmosphere, didn’t pretend it needed it. I had the Pork plate with Potato Salad (German Style). Came with pickles and two slices of white bread. Great sauces, I mixed and combined the Spicy and Sweet. Speaking of sweet, their Sweet Tea is great! I regret not taking a bottle of their sauce home with me.
  • Los Tarascos
    I realize this is not BBQ, but I have a spot in my heart for Mexican food. Set in a strip mall, the atmosphere is decorated with Mexican art but overall nothing but functional. First of, great salsa! Nice mix of cilantro and various spices. Hard time not just eating the chips and salsa for dinner. At the advice of the waiter I ordered what I remember to be #51. Comprised of small fajitas with guacamole, sour cream, lettuce and carrots. Tasty dish, but not easy to eat. Good food, but maybe not a destination type place.
  • Full Moon BBQ
    I was unable to take in the atmosphere of this Tuscaloosa classic as I trying to squeeze this in between packing the show back up and the Phil Smith concert. Drive-Thru! I ordered the pork plate with fries and baked beans for sides. Sauce was just right amount of tang, but plenty of sweet. The fries and beans migrated into the sauce and that was just great! Nothing beats a belly full of BBQ and listening to one of the world’s best trumpet players!
  • Chuck’s Fish
    This place was the hang after the Phil Smith concert. Being still full from the Full Moon BBQ I was reluctant, but then Rebecca Wilt informed me that they had great sushi! Big place, separate room for parties which had a jazz combo playing. Upon asking the waitress for recommendations we learned of a sushi roll that was off menu. Called the Screaming O…” it was a great mix of avocado, grilled tuna and various other items that I forget. Expensive little roll, near $13, but after finishing it, it was worth every penny.

Now you know how we gain a few extra pounds on each trip.

Keep this blog in mind and support your local businesses!

We appreciate your business as do all independents.