Your Edwards

I have worked at Edwards going on 12 years. Most years seem to fly by, but this past year has been tougher on all of us. With the global economy in the dumps, I worry about how musicians are being affected. Many freelancers have seen the well of gigs start to dry up. But it’s important to remember that things will get better over time and by working through the dips you will be prepared for the next upturn.

Instrument manufacturers have been affected like most other industries. Remember that without you, Edwards can not survive. We rely on our customers to keep our company strong, which allows us maintain our high standards, to develop new instruments, and to promote music by supporting our artists whenever they present concerts, clinics and masterclasses.

Don’t get me wrong. This year hasn’t been all bad. My wife and I had a baby girl and we celebrated quite a few Edwards/Getzen weddings. We also were thrilled with the accomplishments of our artists on the audition circuit. I’m not going to lie — having two Edwards artists as the only finalists for the New York Phil audition was great for our egos. Having one of those finalists playing on an Alessi horn validated the years of hard work that went into building that horn. I always wanted to play in an orchestra for a living, but I’ll take to living vicariously through every one of you that calls to talk about your job and instrument needs.

We want you to get the position you want, whether it be in your community band, college wind ensemble, all-state jazz band or major symphony orchestra. Because of that, we put our heart and soul into each and every horn we build. And when you support us by purchasing our horns, know that your money is staying here in the US, supporting our families. The only products manufactured outside the US are the Willson Rotax valve (Switzerland) and our new travel cases (South Korea).

We are maintaining our focus through these difficult times and are working to come out stronger and with a grid iron focus on what’s important — your Edwards and our musical relationship with you.

Remember this when it comes time to buy a new instrument.