Haim Avitsur Recovering from Heart Surgery

Haim Avitsur recently underwent open heart surgery. We’re thrilled to say that he came through with flying colors. Below is an email he sent to Christan.

Haim Avitsur's Surgery

Hi Christian,

You might have heard from Dave Taylor about my recent open heart surgery. Well, I am happy to say that I am back in business and playing is more fun than ever. I have a very exciting year ahead of me (6 concertos, masterclasses, etc.) and even though I had to cancel all my activities for the summer I feel it was not in vain.

I am writing to tell you a funny story: A few weeks after my surgery I got a letter in the mail from the company that made the ring that was sewn into my mitral valve during the repair. As you can see from the attachment, the company’s name is EDWARDS! I guess you can say Edwards is not only close to my heart but also INSIDE my heart, holding it together.

Looking forward!