Quality Control

Quality is a term bandied about by many marketing departments. They know customers want to feel like they’re getting a quality product, so they’ll slap the term on the box and ship it, regardless of the actual quality of the box’s contents. We don’t have a marketing department, so you can be sure that when we say our horns are built to the highest standards, we’re not just blowing smoke. After all, we’re musicians. We know how important an instrument is to our livelihood.

It takes a lot to meet our expectations. We don’t allow inferior products to go on the big brown truck, which is why our delivery time can be longer than other companies. We could very easily increase production by cutting corners and hope that you don’t notice. Profits would roll in and we could use some of that money to fix the many horns shipped back to us. But then we’d be like everyone else. We know you guys rely on our horns to win auditions (either for money or at school), so we’re not going that route.

But… sometimes things happen. If you have any concerns or complaints, please come to us first. Trombone forums are great, but they may not tell the whole story (there are a lot of smart people on the internet, but not all of them make our instruments). If you find yourself on the receiving end of an error or mishap with your Edwards, we’ll do our best to resolve your issue quickly so you can keep practicing/gigging/auditioning.

I prefer a 5 minute phone conversation rather than playing email tag, but do whatever works best for you. Give me a call at 800-562-6838 or contact me using our submission form.