2007/2008 Shows

People often ask if we can be found outside of Elkhorn, WI to which we reply “sometimes”. We do attend the occasional trade show with a decent representation of our products. Below I’ve listed the trade shows and dates we will be displaying. If we are in your area please drop by and give our horns a try.


  • July 29-Aug 7th Alessi Seminar Albuquerque NM (Trombones only)
  • October 13th-16th Trombones de Costa Rica Music Fesival (Trombones Only)
  • October 24th-26th Wisconsin Music Educators Association, Madison WI (Trombones/Trumpets)
  • December 19th-21st Midwest Band Convention, Chicago IL (Trombones/Trumpets)
  • January 9th-12th Florida Music Educators Association, Tampa FL (Trombones/Trumpets)
  • February 7th-9th Ohio Music Educators Association, Cincinnati OH (Trombones/Trumpets)
  • February 14th-16th Texas Music Educators Association, San Antonio TX (Trombones/Trumpets)
  • March 14th-15th Eastern Trombone Workshop, Washington DC (Trombones)