Trade Show MIA

Well for the first time in nine years I sit at home while my co-workers and artists work the ITF & ITG. I have heard that people are asking “where’s Christan?”. Since these two shows overlapped I made the decision to stay in house and do development work. We have some high priority projects (Eb Trumpet & new Tenor/Bass models) that need to be worked on and when I have to travel it takes 2-3 weeks to get ready for the show and 2-4 weeks to recover and get caught up from the show. I miss seeing all of the musicians but hope that you will understand that I want to complete some projects and keep things pushing forward at the homefront.

Ron Knaflic, Paul Tynan, and Leonard Candelaria are representing Edwards at the ITG while Josh Brown, Chris Branagan, and Paul Compton are heading the trombone front in Vegas. If you are in the area drop by the booth and say hello.

Getting to work with so many talented musicians is certainly rewarding and I’d like to thank each and every Edwards customer for being a part of our lives.