Obsession or Passion…

Ron Knaflic and Christan Griego

As I recover from my first weekend of road racing with Christan Griego and team, I smile. This is my first year of real, organized training with a full years’ plan laid out. Why am I doing this? Why dedicate over 300 hours to riding a bike?

It is quite simple. I have a deep curiosity to see what I am truly capable of. This drive is the same thing that still takes us to orchestral auditions, time after time. Yes even at 29 I am past the prime to ever be a professional rider. But is that why we ever follow our passions in the first place?

At this past weekend’s race, I was surrounded by all types of riders and bicycles. The majority of riders(including us) were riding pro-level bikes. Necessary?No, but I have a simple view of this(my wife is rolling her eyes). When I ride, the outcome is left to my training, fate, and mind lessening the factor the physical bike plays. I can trust that I have the best equipment for the job at hand.

For those of you who we have fit to trombones and trumpets may have heard us say at the end. “Now you have no more excuses, it’s all you now”

BTW, Christan Griego and I ride for the Kettle Moraine Flyers, the only cycling team we know of sponsored in part, by a mouthpiece company, Griego Mouthpieces!