’06 and Beyond…

To all of the musicians who have entrusted us this past year with your sound, thanks.

2006 was once again, our best year yet. We were graced by so many deeply talented and creative musicians. As musicians ourselves, they made us practice more. As craftsman(and woman!) they made us dig deeper. Just as you we hope you evolve in your playing, we find ourselves evolving in how and what we are able to create for you.

To those of you who have not been back to see us in a number of years, consider stopping by again. Our door is always open to improving your current setup. I can assure you, Christan and I have more tools and tricks at our disposal then ever before.

2007 holds some great things.

For trumpets, we have a new C trumpet that has begun to make the rounds at our shows. The response to it has been nothing short of amazing. The sound concept and feel is peerless. Stay tuned to our site for more info.

For trombones, we have just released our redesign of our ever-popular Bullet Brace. We have not only lightened it by offering it in aluminum, but improved it’s flexibility and function. It also will fit more brands of trombone than ever before.

For everyone, this entire site will be re-vamped. Our webmaster Josh has a hard time sitting idle with one of his creations and the next site will easily trump this one. Expect expanded content, more luscious pictures to drool over, how-to videos and so much more.

The above mentioned is not the limit for 2007, but what I am privy to write of at this time. All of these improvements are simply a response from the input you have all given us. Thank you once again for your trust and on behalf of all of us at Edwards Instrument Co we wish you success in this New Year.