Neutral and Natural

There is a common question we hear from those new to modular instruments: “Will I need a different bell, leadpipe, etc. for different playing situations?” For the most part the answer is no.

When choosing Edwards components, there are tremendous possibilities for color, texture, timbre, overtones, and so forth. Changing each component can shift the balance of your sound from brilliant to dark, light to heavy, diffuse to compact. Some components have a very strong disposition to one extreme or the other. Ultimately, it is our goal to find the middle ground.

During a horn fitting, there is always a “eureka” moment — the point in the session where everything comes together. The player can sense it. The listener(s) can sense it. And from that point on, something magical happens; the player is no longer play testing a horn, but performing music.

This is our most basic goal during a fitting — seeing the player progress from allowing the instrument to dictate his/her color and sound to becoming a more natural performer.