Valve/Slide Conversions

Many people ask us if they can purchase just our valve sections to put into their existing instruments. The answer is yes, but before you purchase you need to consider what you are diving into.

1. We will not do the conversion for you. We are so busy trying to keep up with demand that every effort we have currently is going into producing instruments for existing orders. There are a few great technicians that can do conversions so call and talk to them before purchasing a valve system.

2. Consider what parts need to be changed to do the conversion and their availability. You will more than likely need to change over the bell braces, and main tuning receiver on the valve side. If you have a Bach our receiver will work for you. If you have a Conn you will need to special order an Edwards valve system with a Conn style receiver.

3. 85-90% of the time our receivers will work with your slide taper. There are times that the taper may need to be roughed up a bit to make it grab better with our receivers. We machine each of our parts to match and we cannot be held responsible for other manufacturers tolerances.

If you want to purchase an Edwards slide to fit your Conn or Bach we can do this quite easily. The only things to consider are the overall length of the slide. Our slides are 1/4″ shorter than a Bach slide. This means you will be pulled out farther on your Bach than you currently are. The slide width is also wider than a standard Conn slide so keep this in mind as to where the bell will be in regards to your slide hand when the horn is assembled.