Edwards vs. Getzen Custom

Ok, Getzen is our parent company. You’ve seen the 3062, 3047, or Genesis and have the question “what is the difference between these instruments”. In a word “OPTIONS”.

Edwards has more bell, tuning slide, leadpipe, and slide options than you want to know about. We fit every horn to each individual player and make adjustments here at the Pro Stop to fit you personally. The materials in Getzen are not cheaper, they are made from the same valves, pistons, tubing etc. We use pro grade materials in every build whether it is for Getzen or Edwards. There is also the final attention to slides, valves, detail that Ron, Jared, or myself go through when putting the instrument together. Every detail is paid to make sure that what is being shipped is an instrument we would play ourselves. Stresses are relieved if they are found, and our ultrasonic cleaning tanks are always utilized to ensure every bit of factory funk is removed.

If an individual were to get fit to an Edwards and come up with the exact combination of the 3047 (T-STDN Slide, 331r 333 bell, Single radius tuning slide), 3062 (1239 or 1237 bell with single radius tuning slide with B-DBN Slide) or Genesis Ron or I would tell you to consider the Getzen Custom. If you need the option of change in the future then the Edwards is the way to proceed.

Players should evaluate their equipment as they physically change every 3-4 years.