Improving Your Vision

This is my first ever blog post! I’m looking forward to letting readers have a peek into our lives here in Elkhorn.

I’ve been working with a quite a few trumpet players in the Pro Stop lately. I’ve had many conversations with them concerning equipment options and how these options can best meet their needs. I see the need to draw a strong analogy (those who know me know that I like analogies).

Imagine that your vision has deteriorated to the point that you need eyeglasses. You go to your local drugstore and try out the ones in their display. Out of the many available, you find that just a few improve your vision. You decide to take a pair home to read some newspapers, read some blogs, and watch a little TV. Suddenly everything is clearer than it was before, although still not perfect.

A while later, a friend who also wears glasses comes over to read with you — I know, a funny concept! She proceeds to tell you how great her glasses are and has you try them on. Instead of improving your vision, you can see less than ever before.

You eventually decide to visit an optometrist. The result? Your new glasses are the exact prescription your eyes need. Finally, your vision is crystal clear. Once again, your friend stops by to read. This time she tries your new glasses, which obviously do nothing to improve her vision.

There are many excellent trumpets available today, both display and custom. If display instruments do not fit you correctly, maybe it’s time to look into something different. Edwards is like an optometrist. We build our horns around you, prescribing a fit for your chops, air, and mind. As your “prescription” changes over time, so can your horn. That’s what Edwards offers: a solid trumpet that matches you perfectly, but that can change with you as your playing evolves.