We’d like to welcome everyone to the Edwards blog. We hope that you’ll enjoy reading our posts and will take away a greater understanding of our small company.

Many of you know the Edwards team includes Cathy Duesterbeck, Ron Knaflic, and Christan Griego. Our hope is that this blog will allow you to get to know each of these people a little better as they discuss relevant (and maybe some not-so-relevant) topics.

This space will be used to inform customers and curious musicians about various aspects of the Edwards Instrument Co. Christan will post information on new products, reviews of festivals and conventions he attends, and anything else he deems appropriate for this venue. Finally, Joshua will keep you informed on all matters concerning this website, including content updates, shopping cart additions, and new features. He may even through in a rant or two on web standards, one of his favorite subjects.

We hope you enjoy reading our blog!

The Edwards Team