Terry Shiu

Associate Principal Trombonist, Taiwan Philharmonic

Terry Shiu was born in Hong Kong. He is the first Chinese citizen to earn a master’s degree in trombone performance. He began his trombone studies at the age of 14. He was the three-time winner of the H.K. School Music Festival Senior Trombone Solo Competition from 1979-1081. Shiu graduated from APA with a full scholarship by the H.K. Jockey Club. With the same scholarship, he earned his master’s degree at the Cleveland Institute of Music of the United States. Shiu is the trombone professor at the Chinese Culture University and the Shih Chien University. He also teaches at the Taipei American School, Jian Ho Middle School, and Chung Chin Middle School.

Shiu is the co-principal trombonist of the National Symphony Orchestra of Taiwan.