Brooklynne Audette

Minneapolis/Saint Paul Freelance Artist

Brooklynne Audette is a versatile Minneapolis/Saint Paul-area bass trombonist and a full-time software engineer. She performs with The Paper Clips, a trombone quartet currently focusing on popular American music, and the ACME Jazz Company Big Band. She can be heard on their self-titled album. As a freelance musician, she is active in the Twin Cities music scene and has performed with Saint Paul Civic Symphony, Exultate, Brass Lassie, Encore Wind Ensemble, and many other groups in the state.

Brooklynne studied bass trombone at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Her teachers include John Tranter, Josh Becker, Jeff Merriman, and Sue Roberts.

In her spare time, she enjoys playing the bass trombone, playing video games, listening to metal, lifting, cooking, and enjoying life at home in Minneapolis with her husband, Brandon, and their dogs Kupo and Rikku.

“I find incredible blend, response and flexibility in every style and range on my 502-I. This is the first trombone that hasn’t required additional work to get the sound I want. I’m finally able to focus entirely on the music!”

Brooklynne Audette