X-7 Cornet

Bb Cornet

X-7 Cornet

Styling, Ergonomics, Uninhibited Performance.

The new X-7 builds upon two years of research and development used to make the equally impressive X-13 and takes it beyond the traditional limitations of a cornet.

The smooth styling has been carefully balanced with function to improve, not only the aesthetics of the horn, but it’s playability and ergonomics as well.

The two-piece, machined nickel braces help improve overall harmonic response while also reducing tension in the horn that is typical of single piece braces mounted in a jig.

The trim-cut valve casing braces are both lighter and offset to broaden the sound profile and increase both response and efficiency.

Traditional cornets can be cumbersome to hold. With our drop-port (wide wrap) valve section, canted 1st/3rd slides, and side swapped 1st slide the X-7 allows a more natural, light grip.

The X-7’s defining characteristic is the “X” bend it shares with the X-13. Although visually striking the bend is much less about aesthetics and more about maximizing the tempering, burnishing and annealing in these key areas.




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Inside the X-7





4 7/8" inch yellow brass bell

Drop Port Valve Casing

Allows wider slide configuration for ease of holding.

X Bends

(as first seen on Edwards X-13)
Complexity of sound.
Freedom from the restriction that the shepherd’s crook can impart.
The X bend gives efficient response and a more open blow that still retains the right amount of compression. Used within the X-7 wrap, the bends compliment the overall design intent of balancing efficiency with flexibility to achieve the perfect tonal characteristic.

Two-Piece Machined Braces

Eliminate stress from stamping processes and allow parts to “float”. Braces move to the tubing rather than forcing tubing to go to the braces.

Nickel Balusters (NEW)

Utilize a gentle taper to provide a smooth transition for the players hand. With the thinner baluster, the transition between baluster and casing becomes a non-issue.

Valve casing cross braces

Nickel to retain transference of energy through the valve cluster, adjusting the weight in the valve casing braces (and material) helps maximize efficiency.


Maximizes free surface area to resonate more completely.


You can order your X-7 in raw brass, satin raw brass, lacquer, satin lacquer, silver plate, or satin silver plate.


The patented pillar system first used on Edwards Trombones is now available on the X-7. Balance your instrument both tonally and physically with this feature. Each X-7 comes with two pillars; others are available upon request.

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