Generation Series (Discontinued)

Modular Trumpets

Generation Series (Discontinued)

All Generation II, III, and X trumpets have been replaced by our new X-Series line. The information below is for archive purposes only. These instruments are no longer available.

Generation Series Bells

All bells are handcrafted, one-piece

Bb Bell Shapes

  • K Bell
    Medium Large Throat (4 7/8" Flare)
  • M Bell
    Large Throat (4 7/8" Flare)
  • XK Bell
    Medium Large Throat (5 1/8" Flare)
  • XM Bell
    Large Throat (5 1/8" Flare)

C Bell Shapes

  • C3 Bell
    Large Throat (4 7/8" Flare)
  • C2 Bell
    Medium Large Throat (4 7/8" Flare)

Bell Materials

  • Yellow Brass
    70% Copper / 30% Zinc (21, 22, & 23 Gauge)
  • Bronze
    90% Copper / 10% Zinc (21, 22, & 23 Gauge)

Bell Weights

  • 21 Gauge
    Heavyweight (.028" thick)
  • 22 Gauge
    Standard weight (.025" thick)
  • 23 Gauge
    Lightweight (.022" thick)

Bell Treatments

  • Heat Treated
    Heat treating a bell is a softening process. This bell is treated in specific areas that will encourage more overtones with projection. Heat treated bells "slot" slightly less than a tempered bell and create higher overtones at louder volumes.
  • Annealed
    Annealing is also a softening process that encompasses the entire bell. An annealed bell offers a smooth blow with a slightly darker tone. Articulations are slower with the "slot" being wider.
  • Tempered
    Tempered bells offer no heat treatments. This bell creates clear focused tone with medium to fast response. This bell "slot" well with less room for adjustment.

Generation Series Leadpipes

The Gen II, III, and X series trumpets utilize the Edwards Leadpipe System (ELS), which allows a player to change leadpipes effortlessly and efficiently. The ELS allows you, the player, to change the compression levels of the instrument to your individual playing characteristics.

The Edwards leadpipe slips into a retaining tube that is soldered to the valve body. This retaining tube improves the stability of the instrument and keeps the leadpipe in 100% alignment with the tuning slide. The fixed nature of this system also eliminates all sympathetic vibrations that are commonly found among other modular trumpets.

Bb Trumpet Leadpipes

Type Description Venturi
BD1 Free blowing, brilliant tone 0.340"
D2 Offers more compression for those that need faster response 0.343"
D3 Medium large - controlled with full tone 0.349"
D4 Large - less resistance than D3 0.351"
D5 Free blowing with a powerful tone 0.354"

C Trumpet Leadpipes

Type Description Venturi
BD1 Free blowing, brilliant tone 0.340"
D2 Offers more compression for those that need faster response 0.343"
D3 Medium large - controlled with full tone 0.349"
D4 Large - full open tone 0.351"
D5 Very open - large volume of sound 0.354"

Generation Series Tuning Slides

Generation II

  • Bb bore sizes
    .459" or .462"
  • C bore size
  • Standard
    Standard tuning slides are offered as a stock item with all our valve sets. It creates a stable broad tone with solid articulation. Standard slides create a very even airflow with moderate resistance.
  • Square
    Square tuning slides aid in clearer attacks at the beginning of the note. This shape offers slightly more resistance than a standard shape. Tone production can be brighter than a standard slide.
  • Round
    Round tuning slides are the most open blowing slide we make. It produces a very smooth tone with soft articulations. Tone production can be very broad with little brilliance.

Generation III & X

The unique shape of our ovate tuning slide, a more gradual slope into a sharper bend, creates a very open blow yet still provides needed compression, albeit a different compression than our standard slides. Players can achieve a fluidity throughout the partials with this tuning slide. If you want more traditional slotting, the Gen II is probably the instrument for you. We recommend play testing the Gen III(X) to see if its design meets your needs.

Because the ovate tuning slide is longer than our standard slides, it is only available on our Gen III and X lines. Those horns' designs compensate for the added length.

Trumpet Finishes

Edwards offers a number of trumpet finishes in order to meet the needs of our customers. These finishes create a variety of looks, but more importantly, each has unique playing characteristics.

  • Raw Brass
    A raw brass, buffed horn can provide a player with a very warm, natural sound. Like silver plate, this finish is sometimes described as creating a "wide" sound. If an individual wants tighter partials, then a raw brass horn is not recommended. Perhaps the biggest drawback of owning a raw brass instrument is the fact that it will tarnish very rapidly; therefore, it requires constant vigilance to maintain. Raw brass instruments and components are available upon request, but restocking fees do apply.
  • Silver Plate
    Silver plate is thinner than lacquer and thus will not dampen the resonance of the horn as much as lacquer. However, a silver plated horn will tarnish over time. More maintenance is required than that of a horn with lacquer. Silver is a great alternative for the player that wants his/her instrument to play like a raw brass instrument but does not want the extreme tarnish associated with an unfinished horn. Silver plating a trombone adds 30% to the price due to the size of the instrument. All trombones done in silver plate are special order non-returnable items. Silver plate is standard on most Edwards trumpets.
  • Satin Finish
    "Satin" is the latest finish option offered by Edwards. It is achieved by scratch brushing the instrument. The end result is a uniform semi-matte finish. Each satin finished instrument will have its own unique look as Edwards technicians have artistic control over the process. Some players feel that a satin finish creates a wider sound than lacquered or plated instruments. At this point, we have not done enough research to come to any conclusions ourselves.

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