T396-A Tenor Trombone

Tenor Trombone with Rotor and Harmonic Bridge

T396-A Tenor Trombone

When Joseph Alessi is not playing in the back row of Lincoln Center, he can be found performing solos in front of orchestras and in recitals. His music versatility requires an instrument that will meet his needs. The T396-A meets those needs, and then some.

First and foremost, Mr. Alessi is a principal orchestral player. His instrument must crown the low brass section while blending with the orchestra. This balance was of the utmost importance when designing his signature trombone. But we also could not ignore Mr. Alessi’s considerable solo capabilities.

We did our homework when deciding on a valve for the Alessi T396-A. Seeking the sound and feel he was after, Mr. Alessi tried every available valve on the market. Some provided a great tone, others had a nice feel. But they rarely delivered on both. Other valves had build and playability issues. We didn’t feel comfortable offering anything other than the very best on this instrument. Neither would Mr. Alessi. After all, his name is on the horn.

Take anything from this, but I like “Rotax is the highest quality rotor we’ve seen. From a player’s perspective, it responds quickly and helps produce a wonderful large bore tenor sound.”

So we set out to provide Mr. Alessi with a horn that gave him the correct timbre and feel no matter the musical setting. This is more difficult than it sounds. A lot of timbre comes with having an instrument that is tonally flexible without becoming unstable in different registers. We feel we achieved our goals due to the fact that the T396-A is the first “acoustically-tunable” fixed instrument. We are excited to make an instrument available that is as unique as each and every one of our customers.

US Pat No 8,247,675




3-4 months



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Inside the T396-A


Patented Harmonic Brace

Working within the laws of physics the Harmonic bracing has allowed individuals to adjust this instrument to their feel and sound characteristics

Hand Spun Bell

Every bell is spun by one craftsman who has learned from previous generations of bell spinners. Two-piece in construction, this proprietary Alessi bell underwent stringent testing in the New York Philharmonic to bring a proper representation to the marketplace.

Non fixtured slide construction

Each slide is built to match inner to outer slide . No stress within the build ensures consistent resonant and easy blow.

Outstanding intonation

Every brand claims this, we deliver.

Tonally Balanced

Within the build we carefully match the blend of metals to make sure every instrument is tonally balanced to the individual. The highest quality of material is sourced and tested to ensure what you purchase is representative of what is "professional".

Rotax Valve

The Rotax valve is an integral part of the Alessi Model design. It is machined to the standards demanded by Willson Instruments; as a result, the Rotax is the highest quality rotor we've seen. From a player's perspective, it responds quickly and helps produce a wonderful large bore tenor sound.


Quick to develop without exploding, we work to make every note develop as quickly as possible into a resonant event that people will notice.

“I’ve always loved the quality of sound of Edwards Instruments: smooth like velvet, great core, and a broad resonance in all registers. I believe it is the highest quality horn on the market!”

Brian Wendel

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