T383-A Tenor Trombone

Straight Tenor Trombone

T383-A Tenor Trombone

Whenever the music allows, we suggest removing unnecessary weight to free your sound. The T383-A is the perfect instrument for those occasions. The Bb-only alternative to the T396-A allows Bolero to soar effortlessly.

The T383-A borrows the patented Harmonic Bridge from the T396-A and introduces the Tone Enhancing Resonating Device (TERD), an innovative counter-balance system. All T396-A pillars will work will this straight trombone.




3-4 months



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Inside the T383-A


Patented Harmonic Brace

Working within the laws of physics the Harmonic bracing has allowed individuals to adjust this instrument to their feel and sound characteristics

Hand Spun Bell

Every bell is spun by one craftsman who has learned from previous generations of bell spinners. Two-piece in construction, this proprietary Alessi bell underwent stringent testing in the New York Philharmonic to bring a proper representation to the marketplace.

Non fixtured slide construction

Each slide is built to match inner to outer slide. No stress within the build ensures consistent resonant and easy blow.

Outstanding intonation

Every brand claims this, we deliver.

Tonally Balanced

Within the build we carefully match the blend of metals to make sure every instrument is tonally balanced to the individual. The highest quality of material is sourced and tested to ensure what you purchase is representative of what is "professional".


Quick to develop without exploding, we work to make every note develop as quickly as possible into a resonant event that people will notice.

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