Trombone Tuning Slides

Trombone Tuning Slides

Main Tuning

Tuning slides are available in yellow brass or rose brass. We have found that most people prefer offsetting the bell with the tuning slide — yellow bell with rose tuning slide or red/rose bell with yellow tuning slide.

Single Radius tuning slides are the most common. They have one continuous bend from small to large end. They are very free blowing and open in all registers.

Dual Radius tuning slides have two bends. The shape is more square with the two bends making a flattened top. The dual radius provides a quicker response and ease in the upper register, however, the sound is more compact than the single radius tuning slide. All dual radius tuning slides are CF treated to offset the compact nature of this tuning slide.

Valve Tuning

Bass Trombone Eb and D

The Eb tuning slide takes the place of the Gb slide on the independent B454. It gives the player a low Eb with only the second valve depressed.

The D tuning slide also takes the place of the Gb slide on the independent B454. This slide will greatly shorten the distance a bass trombonist has to move his slide in the valve register.

The optional second valve slides offer numerous possibilities for alternate slide positions. These slides are very large and add weight and length to the horn. However, the added weight is offset by the improved balance these slides can provide.

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