Austin Pancner and His Sound Concept

We recently had the pleasure of working with Austin Pancner to dial in his sound concept. Austin came to Edwards to have his equipment examined to see if there were any changes that needed to be made to better suit his desired sound. 

Austin booked his appointment as the trigger register of his horn was needing just a bit of fine tuning to get it just right. After spending time with various bells and other parts, there was one final piece to make the complete picture.

When trying to dig deep and tap into very specific components to find your perfect sound, one can get lost in the multitude of options. In Austin’s case, the mouthpiece was the area of focus. We looked into the specifications of rim diameter, cup depth, backbore, and throat size. 

However, as Austin and Christan worked together, it became clear that those numbers and specs did not matter if the engagement of the mouthpiece was not set correctly. In addition to the mouthpiece engagement, the two discussed experimenting with different venturi sizes on the leadpipe and what that could do for Austin’s sound. 

Austin is the founder and CEO of The Functional Musician, which includes programs aimed to work directly on preventing and healing from music related injuries. 

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