Edwards Artists Heading to ITF2022

We’re proud to support our artists as they perform and present clinics all over the world. This week a number of them will be traveling to the University of Central Arkansas to take part in the 2022 International Trombone Festival. Evan Clifton (Edwards House Southeast) and David Humbertson will be running the Edwards booth.

Wednesday, July 13

12:30 PM – Natalie Mannix will perform a recital with the Lantana Trio. Other members are Stacie Mickens and Raquel Samayoa.

1:00 PM – Brittany Lasch will present an artist concert titled Brittany Lasch, A Celebration of Female Composers.

5:00 PM – Brittany will take part in a panel discussion focusing on issues women face in the field of brass playing. Other panelists are Amy Bowers, JoDee Davis, and Karen Marston.

8:00 PM – Brittany, Natalie, and Darren McHenry will perform on the ITF All-Stars Concert,

Thursday, July 14

12:30 PM – Jemmie Robertson will present a concert titled Commissions, Dedications, and Premiers.

2:30 PM – Will Porter will perform on Artist Showcase Recital 2.

5:00 PM – Darren McHenry will be featured on a concert by the UCA Natural Slides.

Friday, July 15

9:30 AM – Darren will once again be on stage, this time presenting a masterclass with the other members of the Dallas Symphony trombone section.

1:30 PM – Evan Clifton will perform Songs for the Forest, written by Frank Gulino, with the East Tennessee State University Trombone Octet.

2:30 PM – JD Handshoe will perform on Artist Showcase Recital 3.

3:00 PM – Darren McHenry and the Dallas Symphony trombone section will perform orchestral excerpts.

7:00 PM – The Oklahoma State University Jazz Trombone Ensemble, led by Paul Compton, will present their concert as winners of the Kai Winding Competition.

Saturday, July 16

11:00 AM – Evan Clifton, Jemmie Robertson, and Sebastian Vera will be featured on Artist Showcase Recital 4.

2:30 PM – Jemmie will have a quick lunch before performing on the Composers Workshop New Music Showcase.