Paul Tynan’s quARTet Available March 15

I met Paul Tynan in Denton, Texas over 20 years ago. He wrote great bass trombone parts for our college lab band, so I immediately liked him. I was thrilled when he became an Edwards artist and happier still when he invited me to be part of the Bicoastal Collective: Chapter Five project a few years ago. Paul routinely collaborates with friends and colleagues, but his latest project is a little different than most. I’ll let Paul explain:

I’ve always enjoyed the relationship between image and sound. In 2015 I began collaborating with some of my favorite artists – many of whom I had personal and/or professional relationships prior to beginning this project – this made it quite personal to me. The process was quite simple. I requested each artist to submit one of their pieces so I could create a newly composed musical work inspired by their art. I printed the work and as I sat with the piece I listened to what manifested in my head. Then I transcribed what I was hearing – on a few occasions I did not feel the first music created represented the image. I saved the piece and went back to the drawing board and listened again. Finally, I felt that I was able to capture the sound in time the image inspired me. Maybe it was already there and I just captured it.

The result is quARTet.

I hope the music connects to the images for you in the same way it does for me, after all it’s all (qu)Art(et).

quARTet will be released by Origin Records on March 15.