Edwards and Auditions

We take a lot of pride in building great instruments for our customers. And when those instruments help them win jobs, well, you can imagine how it makes us feel. Edwards players have fared very well at auditions since we opened the doors in 1989. And recent results have been overwhelmingly positive as many of them have won positions in excellent orchestras.

Recently, Samuel Schlosser won the Milwaukee Symphony’s second trombone audition on his Edwards T350-E with a 321CF bell, rose dual radius tuning slide, T-BCN hand slide and a T2 brass leadpipe. He also won the audition for second/assistant principal trombone for the Cincinnati Symphony, which qualifies him for a trial week in May.

John Thevenet also won a position in the Milwaukee Symphony. He’ll be joining the orchestra as its bass trombonist. John plays a B454 with a 987CF bell, rose tuning slide, B-DBN hand slide and a B2 brass leadpipe.

How are they doing it? First and foremost, they are extremely talented musicians dedicated to their craft. But our horns also play a part. Finding the correct instrument fit enables a player to breathe into the instrument and create what they want musically.

And while these two trombonists won jobs on time-tested equipment, we are always looking to forge ahead with new designs to meet even more musicians’ needs. We are thrilled with the success of the Alessi horn and how it is fitting into sections. The National Symphony Orchestra tenor section is all on the T396-A. What a sound it is coming from that section!

Congratulations to Sam, John and all of the other Edwards players that have found success in this crazy field we call work. I look forward to being a part of your future!