Brian Allen’s “Rewritable” to be Performed at ITF 2010

Howdy folks,

I’m proud to announce that my trombone quartet “Rewritable” is being performed by the Stephen F. Austin Trombone Choir under the direction of Dr. Deb Scott this Wednesday, July 7 at ITF 2010 in Austin. The performance takes place at 7:15pm in Bates Hall, Butler School of Music at the University of Texas.

Unfortunately, I am unable to attend the festival in my own home state, for pete’s sake (I’m recording and playing in Mexico City), but I’ll be there in spirit. Please go if you can and support this ensemble. They premiered my piece at the 2009 TMEA Convention and are still not sick of it, even after a year and a half of practice.

On a personal note, I studied with Deb when I was in high school. I learned so much from her and got hip to so much music, literature and recordings, coinciding with me catching the jazz, experimental music and composition bugs. She’s always been supportive and encouraging of whatever I’m going after. I’m lucky to have had her as a teacher. Judging from a few visits to SFA over the past few years, I’d wager that her current students feel the same.

Have fun, enjoy the BBQ and the A/C.