Edwards Site Update


Many of you noticed that the Edwards site had some issues the last couple weeks. Our hosting company (who shall remain nameless) really dropped the ball. First, our blog and other php-based pages went down. After they “fixed” the php issue, the blog remained offline due to the fact that I was unable to FTP to the server to make updates to the configuration files. To make matters worse, our shopping cart went offline late last week.

I was promised last Tuesday (September 16) that they were working hard to fix the errors. I sent daily emails to tech support and received the same canned response every time. (In fact, the first response I received was actually a form letter telling me how to set up advanced email.) Christan gave me the green light to move to a new host and things are once again working. However, the shopping cart will remain offline for a while as we figure out which direction to take our online store.

If you wish to place an order, please call 800.562.6838. You may also use our online form to discuss options with Christan or Ron.

We hope you like the new blog. A new site will be coming soon, along with a new offering for tenor trombonists.