Brian Allen Goes to Mexico

Brainkiller Trio is heading back to Mexico this week. Phoenix keyboardist Jacob Koller, Argentinian drummer Hernan Hecht and I will meet in Mexico City, where Hernan is currently based, to play several concerts of our original music. We’ll again be playing for wonderful people in some beautiful venues and enjoying the amazing food. My MySpace page has some videos and sounds from our last Mexico tour.

Brainkiller Tour 2008

In the meantime, here is a duo video of Hernan Hecht and me at the Clarion at Brazosport College this past April. This particular one starts with me on the Atari and then moving the trombone for the second half.

I have also again composed several pieces, including two bass trombone pieces, and produced recordings of the Texas All-State Jazz Audition Etudes. Check if you’d like to order yourself a copy of the recordings. This year, I’m offering all of them as MP3 downloads.