Trombones de Costa Rica Music Festival

I have been fortunate to attend most all of the Trombones de Costa Rica Music Festivals and have learned and enjoyed every one of them. The country is beautiful, the people are wonderful and the love of music is infectious. Travel to San Jose Costa Rica can be very cost-effective to this region if you book far enough in advance. The primary language spoken is Spanish so some basics can help you get around.

Once at the Hotel you are essentially in a camp like an environment where the musicians are the only ones in attendance. It is an enjoyable time and since the Artist in Residence will be Paul Compton his instruction will be in English with translation to Spanish. I talked with Ivan today and the event looks to be well organized and should be great. If you are interested please contact Ivan either by phone or email (listed below). Ivan sent me an invitation letter which I translated via an internet translation service. So please excuse any grammatical errors.

The Trombones de Costa Rica would like to offer an official invitation to participate in our VII International Festival Trombones of Costa Rica. The event will be carried out from October 10 to October 14, 2008, and is for trombone players, baritone players, and tubists of all the levels.

The Faculty this year will be Alejandro Gutiérrez, Martin Bonilla, Leonel Rodriguez and Iván Chinchilla, all members of the Trombones de Costa Rica and Paul Compton, professor of jazz and classic of the State University of Oklahoma in the United States. This year the activity will take place in the Quality Mount Bell, a Hotel of Mountain in the province of Heredia in Costa Rica. The cost is of $280 per person (two hundred eighty dollars) and includes; – Transportation San José – Heredia – San José. – Lodging in rooms of multiple occupation. – Three main meals a day. – All the activities that offers the Festival.* (except chamber music) + – Undershirt and certificate

The Festival offers classes with teachers, collective master classes, recitals of the Faculty and a final recital with all of the participants. This year, due to the requests of the participants of several editions, we will offer again individual classes for the participants with the members of Trombones of Costa Rica.

For groups of chamber music established we offer special classes by an additional payment of $30 (thirty dollars) by member. They should bring repertoire prepared to work with the professor.

Reserve your space by sending an advancement of $100 per person (one hundred nonrefundable dollars) before the 1 of September, in check, to name of TROMBONES DE COSTA RICA INC. and to this direction.

Postcard 2212 – 2100
Guadalupe, San José COSTA RICA

MM Ivan Chinchilla Meza

Festival Internacional Trombones de Costa Rica
Tel: (506) 8385-4870