IAJE 2006

Ok, so I am a little overwhelmed at today’s show. The number of musicians in NYC is overwhelming. Music is everywhere and the quality of music has never been better. Edwards artists David Taylor, Ray Vega, Phil Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Steve Wiest, Paul Tynan, Christian Scott, Jim Pugh, and Darren Kramer are here.

Paul Tynan notified me that he has a new trumpet CD in the works. Steve Wiest has finished his recording project and is closing in on a label/release. There are so many projects in the works I apologize for not being able to remember them right now.

Today was loud in the booth area and musicians still worked through the constant noise in search of a better axe. It was great to meet all the guys (and gals) today. Working with musicians keeps me motivated to keep working on these horns and hopefully make improvements year to year.