Eric Prodger

Ottawa Freelance Bass Trombonist

Eric Prodger is an active freelance Bass Trombonist from Ottawa, Canada. He has completed studies at the New England Conservatory, The Glenn Gould School, and The University of Ottawa, having studied with James Markey, Pierre Beaudry, Jeffrey Hall, and Douglas Burden.

As an orchestral musician, he has performed, toured, and recorded extensively across North America and Europe. During his studies, Eric was a member of Canada’s prestigious National Youth Orchestra for four seasons. As a soloist, he has performed with The Ottawa Youth Orchestra and The Intrada Brass of Oakville.

An award-winning musician, Mr. Prodger was a recipient of The Crabtree Foundation Award, The Sturdevant Prize for Orchestral Excerpts, The Rich Little Endowment Fund, and The Jacob Siskund and The Friends of the NAC Orchestra Scholarships.

Eric is passionate about the musical education of others; as a result, he has worked with Orkidstra since 2014. Orkidstra is an Ottawa-based social development program that empowers kids, ages 5-18, from under-served communities by teaching life skills – such as teamwork, commitment, respect, and pride in achievement – through the universal language of music.

When not fulfilling his duties as a bass trombonist, Eric is often found refining his palette through exquisite cuisine or deeply
immersed in nature and its humbling beauty.

“In music performance, details are everything. Edwards has provided me with an exceptional instrument that grants me complete control over what I do at all times. With their unmatched quality, refining those details has never felt easier nor more enjoyable a process.”

Eric Prodger