Gen 2 Tuning Slides

Gen 2 tuning slides
Bb bore sizes
.459" or .462"
C bore size
Standard tuning slides are offered as a stock item with all our valve sets. It creates a stable broad tone with solid articulation. Standard slides create a very even airflow with moderate resistance.
Square tuning slides aid in clearer attacks at the beginning of the note. This shape offers slightly more resistance than a standard shape. Tone production can be brighter than a standard slide.
Round tuning slides are the most open blowing slide we make. It produces a very smooth tone with soft articulations. Tone production can be very broad with little brilliance.

Note: Tuning slides pictured with optional Amado water keys.

Gen 3 & Gen 3X Tuning Slides

Gen 3 tuning slidesThe unique shape of our ovate tuning slide -- a more gradual slope into a sharper bend -- creates a very open blow yet still provides needed compression, albeit a different compression than our standard slides.

Players can achieve a fluidity throughout the partials with this tuning slide. If you want more traditional slotting, the Gen 2 is probably the instrument for you. We recommend play testing the Gen 3(X) to see if its design meets your needs.

Because the ovate tuning slide is longer than our standard slides, it is only available on our Gen 3 and 3X lines. Those horns' designs compensate for the added length.


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