Trumpet Finishes

Edwards offers a number of trumpet finishes in order to meet the needs of our customers. These finishes create a variety of looks, but more importantly, each has unique playing charactersistics.

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Raw Brass

Raw Brass

A raw brass-finished horn can provide a player with a very warm, natural sound. Like silver and gold plate, this finish is sometimes described as creating a "wide" sound. If an individual wants tighter partials, then a raw brass horn is not recommended.

Perhaps the biggest drawback of owning a raw brass instrument is the fact that it will tarnish very rapidly; therefore, it requires constant vigilence to maintain. Raw brass instruments and components are available upon request, but restocking/relacquering fees do apply.

Silver PlateSilver Plate

Silver plate is thinner than lacquer and thus will not dampen the resonance of the horn as much as lacquer. However, a silver plated horn will tarnish over time. More maintenance is required than that of a horn with lacquer or gold plate. Silver is a great alternative for the player that wants his/her instrument to play like a raw brass instrument but does not want the extreme tarnish associated with an unfinished horn.

Silver plating a trombone adds 30% to the price due to the size of the instrument. All trombones done in silver plate are special order non-returnable items. Silver plate is standard on most Edwards trumpets.

Satin Finish

Satin Finish

"Satin" is the latest finish option offered by Edwards. It is achieved by scratch brushing the instrument. The end result is a uniform semi-matte finish. Each Satin-finished instrument will have its own unique look as Edwards technicians have artistic control over the process.

Some players feel that a Satin finish creates a wider sound than lacquered or plated instruments. At this point, we have not done enough research to come to any conclusions ourselves.

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In Their Own Words

Craig Konicek

"I have played many horns as a professional trumpet player - including horns of fellow players - and I feel that the Gen X is the best horn out there today. From the first 3 or 4 notes I played on it, I knew something was different about this horn. It was not only the ease of playing it but the sound is... just better. This horn makes it fun to play trumpet. I play a variety of styles, including lead trumpet, cornet solos, concertos, jazz, etc., and the Gen X allows me to do it all on one horn and have a great time doing it."

Craig Konicek
Educator, Freelance Musician