Gen 3 Bb Trumpet

Gen 3 Bb Trumpet

Gen 3 Bb Trumpet

The Generation III Bb Trumpet offers an integral leadpipe system which allows a player to change leadpipes efficiently. This design creates improved stability throughout the harmonic series compared to non-modular trumpets. Five leadpipes are available.

Generation III Bells are handcrafted (one-piece) in yellow brass available with either 4 7/8" or 5 1/4" bell flares.

Valve sections are constructed with nickel silver pistons in either vented or non-vented valves. Vented valves create an effortless approach to using the first and third valve slides as they move freely whether the pistons are in the up or down position. They seal as well as standard valves and possess the same playing characteristics as a standard valve set.

Our nickel silver valves produce the finest action available in the industry. Edwards offers a lifetime warranty on all Generation III valve sets.

The Generation III tuning slide is oval in shape. This unique design allows the instrument to play very even in all registers. It also allows the extreme upper register to respond faster than on standard instruments.

Silver plate and Amado water keys are standard on the Generation III Trumpets.

Standard Features

Bore Size
.459" or .462" bore
Interchangeable leadpipe system
Bell Weights
  • 21 Gauge - Heaviest (.028" thick)
  • 22 Gauge (.025" thick)
  • 23 Gauge - Lightest (.022" thick)
Bell Materials
  • Yellow Brass (70% Copper / 30% Zinc)
  • Bronze (90% Copper / 10% Zinc)
Bell Treatments
  • Heat Treated
    • Heat treating a bell is a softening process. This bell is treated in specific areas that will encourage more overtones with projection. Heat treated bells "slot" slightly less than a tempered bell and create higher overtones at louder volumes.
  • Annealed
    • Annealing is also a softening process that encompasses the entire bell. An annealed bell offers a smooth blow with a slightly darker tone. Articulations are slower with the "slot" being wider.
  • Tempered
    • Tempered bells offer no heat treatments. This bell creates clear focused tone with medium to fast response. This bell "slot" well with less room for adjustment.
Bell Shapes (hand-crafted one-piece)
  • K Bell
    • Medium Large Throat (4 7/8" Flare)
  • M Bell
    • Large Throat (4 7/8" Flare)
  • XK Bell
    • Medium Large Throat (5 1/8" Flare)
  • Need valve content
Tuning Slides
  • Oval
    • Oval tuning slides allow the instrument to play very even from low to high. It also allows the extreme upper register to respond faster than standard instruments.
  • RawBrass
  • Lacquer
  • Silver Plate
  • Gold Plate
  • Satin Finish

Photo Gallery

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Gen 3 & 3X Artists

Edwards Trumpet Artists include world-class soloists, orchestral musicians, jazz artists, and teachers. Use the following list to compare and contrast the different setups these artists use.

Artist Model Body Bell Tuning Slide Leadpipe
Andrews, Troy "Trombone Shorty" G3X-Bb .459" K21B Oval D4
Dizack, Philip G3X-Bb .462 K22 HT Oval D3
Fawson, Christine G3X-Bb .459 Unknown Oval D4
Ingle, Ronnie G3X-Bb .459 XK22HT Oval D3
Konicek, Craig G3X-Bb .462 K22 Oval D5
Korak, John G3X-Bb .462 K22HT Oval D5
Li, Huanwei G3-Bb .459 K22 Oval D3/D4
Li, Huanwei G3-C .462 C322B Oval D3
O'Kane, Brian G3-Bb .459 3M23B Oval BD1
Scott, Christian G3X-Bb .462 XK22-B Standard D4
Takacs, William G3-Bb .459 M22B Oval D4
Takacs, William G3-C .462 C3-20B Oval D4
Zachery, Tim G3X-Bb .459 XXK20 Standard BD1
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In Their Own Words

Paul Tynan

"This is the best horn I have ever played - period. Before I found my Gen X, I was looking for a free-blowing instrument that allowed me to readily achieve the sound I desired. My Gen X did exactly that. Thank you, Edwards, for taking the work out of trumpet playing."

Paul Tynan
Assistant Professor, St. Francis Xavier University