Gen 2 C RL Trumpet

Gen 2 C RL Trumpet

Gen 2 C RL Trumpet

The Generation II C RL is a new direction for Edwards.  The Edwards Reverse Leadpipe is not a traditional reverse leadpipe setup nor does it try to be. Departing from the traditional length leadpipes did a couple of things for the RL series. The gap between the main tuning slide and leadpipe was diminished allowing the instrument to become much more efficient in blow. With the leadpipe entering the main tuning slide the total air transitions have been diminished. No longer does the air have to step into a ferrule, step into a tuning slide, and step into the tuning slide. Now the air steps into the tuning slide from the leadpipe getting rid of turbulence points that cause interference with the air column.

Does your current instrument back up on you, or is it too open blowing? If it is too open you will have to provide the compression at the chops causing premature fatigue. If the horn is backing up on you then there can be physical discomfort in the neck and make it impossible to blow through the instrument comfortably. By matching the instrument to you we can find the correct amount of compression that "you" need. This is why we offer the leadpipes that we do. It is not to change daily for gigs, but to find the correct compression to your physical make up.

The Gen II RL series is for the player wanting a more traditional blowing instrument. With the standard shaped tuning slides (semi square, square and round) this instrument is like a traditional trumpet on steroids.   Find the instrument you want. Call us or visit us for guidance to find what you need, not what your neighbor wants for you.

Standard Features

Bore Size
.462" bore
Interchangeable leadpipe system. Gen 2's feature the Edwards Reverse Leadpipe (RL).
Bell Weights
  • 21 Gauge - Heaviest (.028" thick)
  • 22 Gauge (.025" thick)
  • 23 Gauge - Lightest (.022" thick)
Bell Materials
  • Yellow Brass (70% Copper / 30% Zinc)
  • Bronze (90% Copper / 10% Zinc)
Bell Treatments
  • Heat Treated
    • Heat treating a bell is a softening process. This bell is treated in specific areas that will encourage more overtones with projection. Heat treated bells "slot" slightly less than a tempered bell and create higher overtones at louder volumes.
  • Annealed
    • Annealing is also a softening process that encompasses the entire bell. An annealed bell offers a smooth blow with a slightly darker tone. Articulations are slower with the "slot" being wider.
  • Tempered
    • Tempered bells offer no heat treatments. This bell creates clear focused tone with medium to fast response. This bell "slot" well with less room for adjustment.
Bell Shapes (hand-crafted one-piece)
  • C3 Bell
    • Large Throat (4 7/8" Flare)
  • C2 Bell
    • Medium Large Throat (4 7/8" Flare)
  • Need valve content
Tuning Slides
  • Standard
    • Standard tuning slides are offered as a stock item with all our valve sets. It creates a stable broad tone with solid articulation. Standard slides create a very even airflow with moderate resistance.
  • Square
    • Square tuning slides aid in clearer attacks at the beginning of the note. This shape offers slightly more resistance than a standard shape. Tone production can be brighter than a standard slide.
  • Round
    • Round tuning slides are the most open blowing slide we make. It produces a very smooth tone with soft articulations. Tone production can be very broad with little brilliance.
  • RawBrass
  • Lacquer
  • Silver Plate
  • Gold Plate
  • Satin Finish

Gen 2 C RL Trumpet Artists

Edwards Trumpet Artists include world-class soloists, orchestral musicians, jazz artists, and teachers. Use the following list to compare and contrast the different setups these artists use.

Artist Model Body Bell Tuning Slide Leadpipe
Akhmadullin, Iskander G2-C .462" C322B Square D2
Ashton, Graham G2-C .462 C2-22 Square D4
Asper, Lynn G2-C .462 C3-21 Round F4
Candelaria, Leonard G2-C .462 C2-20B Standard D4
Curnow, Jeff G2-C .462 C2-22 Square D4
Depoy, Bryan G2-C .462 C3-22 Standard D5
Hayes, Adam G2-C .462 C2-22 Square D2
Korak, John G2-C .462 C2-22HT Standard F4
Lindsey, Doug G2-C .462" 2C2 22 B HT Standard BD1
Melvin, Jr., W. Parker G2-C .462 C2-21 Standard D5
Stowman, Bill G2-C .462 C3-21 Standard D5
Vasquez, Ramon G2-C .462 C2-21HT Standard F4
Wenger, Alan J. G2-C .462 C3-21 Round F4
Zachery, Tim G2-C .462 C2 22HT Standard BD1
Zingara, James G2-C .462 C2-21B Standard F5
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In Their Own Words

J.D. Chaisson

"The staff at Edwards helped me take the guessing game out of finding the horn for me. Being able to try different components of a trumpet and craft a horn that truly meets the sound I could hear in my head is priceless."

J.D. Chaisson
Pittsburgh Freelance Artist