Jeff Perkins

Trumpet Artist

Jeff Perkins

Jeff Perkins

Performing Artist/Exalt Music Ministries

Instrument Specs

  • Model: G2-Bb
  • Body: .459
  • Bell: M22BHT
  • Tuning Slide: Standard
  • Leadpipe: D4

Artist Comments

"As a trumpet player my whole life, it is imperative that my horn convey the message I want it to; and because we do music as a full-time ministry that message needs to be crystal clear. It is the power of the Holy Spirit combined with one of the best horns I have ever had the priveledge to play that defines who I am as a player...from ministering inside some of the largest churches in our nation to the smallest of congregations, the power and beauty of this horn has been a true blessing.

"Thank-you everyone at the Edwards originization for your continued dedication to craftsmenship and service. May God bless all you do."

Born into a musical family in 1963, Jeff was given his first cornet for Christmas; he was only five.The cornet, though heavily damaged due to his older brother once using it for himself, was the horn that Jeff would play for the next 9 years. It wasn't until ninth grade that Jeff received his first trumpet, though a King student model, it was brand new. Throughout these years, Jeff received numerous awards for his horn playing as well as his artistic talent. In his senior year of high school, Jeff along with his parents co-signature, took out a loan to purchase a Bach Stradivarius model 43-ML Trumpet (it was Jeff's primary horn for 21 years). Jeff currently plays an Edwards G-II Custom Trumpet, and Getzen Eterna-895 Fluegel Horn exclusively using only Marcinkiewicz mouthpieces.

After high school, Jeff was recruited to play in the Knights Drum and Bugle Corps in which he played first trumpet. It only took one year of sleeping on numerous school floors for him to realize, no matter how good of a tan you may get; "this isn't for me!"

During College, Jeff majored in art and art history with a music minor. Though not taking music full-time, you would never know it due to his constant playing in numerous bands. While at Southern Illinois University, Jeff played in multiple Jazz Combos’ and was the leader for a five-piece group for 3 years. Jeff also played Lead and Solo trumpet for SIU's Studio Jazz Orchestra and Jazz Band. After leaving Carbondale to continue his education, Jeff walked on as soloist for the Western Illinois Studio Jazz Band, and playing in numerous other Jazz Groups. During these years Jeff began to teach himself piano and studied music theory and composition.

After College Jeff continued to play his horn in Church. It wasn't until this time, that he would realize the true joy of playing for completely different reasons; it was also the beginning of his Christian walk. Unfortunately, a move to the Chicago area to take a job position forced Jeff to quit his horn for little over a year. It wasn't until Jeff started attending Calvary Temple Church in Naperville, IL that the Holy Spirit prompted him back into playing his horn. Jeff auditioned for their Orchestra and within a few weeks of his tenure, was playing first trumpet.

In 1991, Jeff and Lori moved back to their hometown of Moline, IL where Jeff became the Director of Orchestra at the Moline Gospel Temple (9 yrs). Having many opportunities to play his trumpet for special events and organizations, Jeff became increasingly aware of the direction God was leading...into full-time ministry. Presently both Jeff and Lori play an active role within their Church. Blessed with two children Lindsey and Conner, it is their desire to raise their children in a strong Christian environment, and to minister in music with the gifts and talents the Lord has given them.

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In Their Own Words

Michael Valasek

"Edwards approach to customizing the horn to match the individual is truly the best for any professional or serious trumpet player. Moving to the Edwards trumpet is one of the best moves I have made in my career. I love playing on the horn. It provides great depth and color in the sound and an accurate center of pitch, especially in the upper register. The service from Edwards has been outstanding."

Michael Valasek
Concert/Clinic Artist