Valve Conversion Kits

We have received request upon request for our Axial Flow (Thayer) valves. We are now pleased to offer conversion kits that will allow you to modify your existing Bach, Conn, or other trombone of choice with an Edwards valve system. We are too busy building horns to do the conversions ourselves, but we will be happy to refer you to a competent repair tech that can do the work.

Kit Specs/Pricing

  • Valve only
    Top plate, rotor, casing, dome screw and stop arm
    Tenor: $400.00
    Bass: $800.00
  • Valve and tubing
    Valve components listed above, plus the F wrap, upper and lower bell braces, ferules. This kit does not include a receiver, neckpipe, or tuning slide male part.
    Tenor: $800.00
    Bass: $1600.00

Please note that none of the above components are soldered together or buffed.

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In Their Own Words

David Wilborn

"The Edwards bass trombone is without a doubt the best trombone I've ever had the pleasure to perform on. This instrument delivers superior tone quality throughout the trombone range, even during awkward interval leaps as well as during moments of extreme dynamic contrast. Since the instrument is designed to be modified, I find that I'm in full control of my sound, and I can manipulate the way my trombone plays. These features are perhaps the reason Edwards trombones are unparallel when compared to its competitors."

David Wilborn
Professor, Texas A&M University