Neckpipes and Convertors

Edwards neckpipes and convertors provide flexibility for trombonists by allowing them to dramatically change the sound and response of their horns without purchasing a completely new instrument. Tenor neckpipes will allow you to remove weight for recital programs or principal playing. Single bass convertors (or straight neckpipes) will have you going from Mahler to Haydn without getting the hand from the conductor. Jazz neckpipes provide unique characteristics to help you achieve your ideal sound.

Symphonic Tenor

The T350 open neckpipe allows the removal of the Axial Flow valve section, ideal for those times when a lighter sound is desired. The straight tenor is great for solo work, chamber music and second trombone playing when the principal is on alto. The lighter horn can also be beneficial to overworked shoulder, neck and back muscles.

Jazz Trombone

Edwards jazz trombone neckpipes are available in either yellow brass or nickel. Yellow neckpipes provide a wide, clear tone quality that is typically associated with jazz trombone sound of today. Nickel neckpipes create a more focused, dark sound.

As both the yellow and nickel neckpipes are fast in response, the player should focus purely on the unique sound qualities of each when play testing a T302.

Bass Trombone

Bass Convertor

The Bass Convertor (BC401) replaces the second valve on the B454, turning it into a single valve bass trombone. This convertor is ideal for those situations where a lighter sound is ideal. Since it also removes a lot of resonating mass, it can lighten the sound for early period music.

Open Bass Neckpipe

For those times when a concert series is void of valve notes, rest your arm and shoulder by employing the Open Bass Neckpipe (BN400). Couple this neckpipe with a smaller 9" bell, and you have the perfect setup for a section including an alto and small tenor.

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