Bullet Brace Mounting Instructions

Revised May 21, 2008

Installing a Bullet Brace

Ron shows us the proper way to install a Bullet Brace.

Congratulations on the purchase of the bullet brace. Used correctly, this brace will help redistribute the weight of your instrument to the larger muscles of your left arm. The initial setup of the bullet brace is simple; once installed you can easily adjust the "C" or "S" brace or bullet to find the perfect fit. Micro adjustments may make your final comfort level and enjoyment level higher.

The bullet is to be installed on the lower bell brace, which connects to the bell, right beside the F trigger saddle. On Bach 42s you may have to mount bullet closer to bell as the distance between the trigger saddle and bell flange varies. The "S" brace included on the BB2002 is a universal part that is supplied to fit most brands of trombones. This means that some slight modification may need to be done to fit your particular instrument. Do not be afraid to grind or sand down either end of the S brace to make the brace fit your instrument better. The delrin rod is only press fit onto the one end of the brace and you can remove this easily with soft jaw plyers. If you are determined to fit the bullet into a smaller area than the bullet is made for you can remove a significant amount of side material via grinder before performance is hindered. All modifications should be done with the understanding that once the item
is modified it is nonreturnable. Do at your own risk.

  1. Install the Bullet on the lower bell brace (Picture B). Do not over tighten the bullet on your bell brace. Over tightening may cause damage to the lower bell brace.
    • The Bullet should be at a 90 degree from the bell. The weight of the horn will thus hang on the bullet. Any other position may cause the bullet to rotate and slip as the leverage is then put on the bullet rather than supporting the weight through the S brace.
    • Using the allen wrench with the long end in the screws rather than the short end will ensure you cannot over torque the bullet brace (Picture A).
    • Be careful while putting the Bullet on not to drop the Bullet and cause damage to your bell flair.
    • The Delrin arm at the end of the S brace will point towards the slide receiver that is below the valve.
    • Adjustments can be made by swiveling the nickel bullet or pivoting the stainless S arm to best fit the black delrin rod in-between the thumb and forefinger of the left hand.
    • The S arm can also be adjusted side to side to find the best fit.
  2. In order to remove your bell after installation of a bullet brace
    • Remove the main tuning slide and then proceed with unscrewing the bell from the valve section.

Once you have found the best position you can use the cushioned sleeve to fit over the delrin rod to add additional comfort. Cut the cushioned sleeve to your desired length.

Bullet Brace Installation

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